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Website screenshots done right provides real-time screenshots of websites. We are the only website snapshot generator to stream screenshots as soon as you request them. Try it out with our free easy to use API.

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Simple screenshot

Simply use code in the following form on your website:

<img src="//" />

Advanced options

There are also more advanced options, you can resize the image by specifying the width, and you can specify how many pixels of the original website you want to crop. For example:

<img src="//" />

Website screen captures are taken from a 1200x1200 pixel browser. The above code will crop the original screen shot to 600px tall and then resize the image to 100px wide, resulting in an image that is 100px wide 50px tall. See the docs page for a full list of options.

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Hasn't this been done before?

Not like this.


We stream the initial render as an animated GIF, so your users get content fast. Existing screenshot services make your users wait 10-20 seconds while they hit your URL, wait for it to load, take a screenshot, process it, and send it back to you. We respond immediately with a few frames of a loading spinner, then constant updates of website's realtime render.


Because we stream the website snapshot, we can afford to wait an extra few seconds to make sure we're capturing a full load of every website. You don't have to worry about getting a snapshot taken before your existing onLoad JavaScript completes or your video banner loads.


Every app is different, so we offer many options to secure the requests for your account. If you want something simple, we can authenticate by referer. If you want something more secure, we accept signed requests that have a custom expiry time. Our self-serve admin panel allows you to create and destroy as many keys as you need, whenever you need them.


  • Website Snapshots - Use our website snapshots to archive snaphots of your website over time. Thumlapse is a great demonstration of our technology in action!
  • Mobile Emulation / Responsive Design - Use our screenshot api to test sites on different devices. Check out StayResponsive for a demo of our technology in action!
  • Site previews - If you allow your customers to build a webpage, use our screenshots to show your customers a preview of their work.
  • SEO - For people who do SEO for their customers, use our screenshots to prove to your clients that they are getting the linkbacks and rankings that you say they are.
  • Security Appliances - Are you blocking and email or website because it might be dangerous? Use our screenshots to allow your customers to view the content as a totally safe image.
  • Full Page Screen Capture - Our api allows you to take full page screenshots in a fully automated way. Save time and money buy using our API to automate your workflows.

Image and PDF processing

Based on the same powerful core processing image, our API also has support for directly resizing images and converting PDF's to images. Use our API to resize images on the fly or request a specific page of a PDF documtent.

Realtime Image Resizing
PDF to Image Conversion and Processing Stats

3,232,654 screenshots served in the last day
18,914,294 screenshots served in the last week
20,003,124,369 screenshots served all-time



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